About Udacity Blitz

Udacity Blitz is free to use platform built and supported by Udacity to connect companies from all over the world who is looking for professionals and the Udacity Alumni who are looking for temporary, contract or permanent jobs. The platform is working on a project by project basis with a new team assembling for each project as fitted best to meet the requirements and the timelines specified by the business.

Udacity Blitz for Alumni

Trough window glass. Designer brainstorming new ideasUdacity Blitz is a great program for the Alumni to get more experience in the field of their expertise, expand their portfolio, find the contract or permanent jobs, and to get to know clients and other professionals in the industry. Udacity opened the program to all Alumni, and I would encourage the learners to look into the following Nanodegrees if they are interested participating in the program:

  1. Android Basics Nanodegree
  2. Android Development Nanodegree
  3. iOS Development Nanodegree
  4. Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree
  5. VR Developer Nanodegree
  6. Front-End Web Developer
  7. Full Stack Web Developer
  8. Data Analyst Nanodegree
  9. Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

Udacity Blitz for Companies

For the companies, the platform provides an excellent way to find the talent for projects of all sizes, whether it is a brand new website, application, business reporting based on the data or anything else similar to the categories above. The platform provides competitive rates and, most importantly, a 100% money-back guarantee if the job was not up to the standard.

How it works

Business comes up with an idea. It could be a website for a restaurant, a new social application or anything else. They register their interest to build the product using the official website. One of the Technical Project Managers (TPM) gets in touch with the business to discuss the details, then size and estimate the project costs. After the firm and the TMP agree on the features and the price, the TMP will assemble a team of the engineers, and they start working on the projects together. The TPM will regularly keep in touch with the development team to make sure that the project is on schedule and the budget. When the engineers complete the project, they deliver it to the business and all of the payments get finalized. If the company decides to continue working on the project or add new features, then they can keep working with the same team or even hire the engineers for a permanent position.

My experience

I was very fortunate to work on one of the early Blitz projects in a team of four people – myself (I was mainly focusing on iOS), an Android developer, a designer, and a TPM. We have completed and delivered the project within three months. I had the most positive experience working on this project. My TPM was very approachable and helped me to keep the line of communication open to make sure that the product is built the best to meet all of the requirements of the business.

Even more reasons to study with Udacity

With a Job Guarantee, support with career development, the most up-to-date technology stacks taught by the top of the industry and now Udacity Blitz, Udacity is by far the most obvious choice for me concerning the online education.